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PM Modi in address to nation

PM Modi in address to nation
Addressing the nation on June 7, PM Modi announced that free vaccine will be provided to all above the age of 18.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on Monday, June 7, revolved around assuring the people about availability of Covid vaccine and India’s massive effort to deal with ‘once in a century tragedy’. In his televised addressed, PM Modi announced that free Covid vaccine will be provided to those above 18 years of age. The government has already been providing free vaccine for people above the age of 45.

PM Modi also said that research is continuing on a nasal spray vaccine, which if successful can significantly boost India’s vaccination drive. The prime minister added that the ongoing  Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana to provide free ration to poor people will be extended will Diwali (November).

PM Modi address to nation – Top points

  • Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, scheme to provide free ration to poor, extended till Diwali(November).
  • Vaccine supply will be regularised soon. The government will provide free vaccine to all above the age of 18.
  • Private hospitals can continue to procure 25% of vaccines, but their service charge capped at Rs 150 per dose over fixed price of vaccine.
  • To increase vaccine availability, the process of procuring vaccines from abroad has been sped up. Experts have also expressed concerns about children. In this direction, the trial of two vaccines is underway.
  • The world is witnessing biggest tragedy in a century. Many have lost loved ones in the pandemic.
  • Oxygen demand increased to unprecedented levels during the second wave and India spared no effort to tackle the crisis.
  • We have increased the speed and scope of vaccination manifold in a short duration of time.
  • India had 60% vaccine coverage in 2014, we managed to take it past 90% during this government’s term.
  • Made in India vaccine has proved to be lifesaver. 23 crore vaccine doses have been given.
  • Relaxation in Corona curfew shouldn’t make people think COVID-19 has ended. We must continue to follow COVID protocols to win this battle.

Referring to rampant rumours surrounding Covid vaccination, PM Modi warned people who are spreading false informations. “Those who are creating apprehension about the vaccine, spreading rumours, nation is watching them.


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There is a need to be cautious of such rumours,” he said. PM Modi has addressed the nation a number of times since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, offering suggestions to people and outlining measures his government has been taking to deal with the situation.


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