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MTV Date to Remember Dehradun Auditions held at Centrio Mall

MTV Date to Remember Dehradun Auditions held at Centrio Mall

Dehradun, 19th November 2023: 
Centrio Mall hosted the MTV Date to Remember Mr & Miss India Runway Model Dehradun auditions today at SOCIAL. Organized by The Kabir Company, the show is being produced by  Buddies Productions and k2S Media.

Renowned celebrities adorned the judging panel, adding glamour and expertise to the event. Actress Akanksha Puri, Actor Siwet Tomar, Amit Garg, Liza Varma, Anshu Sharma, and Kanak Parashar brought their discerning eyes to the runway, ensuring a high standard of evaluation for the participants.

Over 150 contestants, meticulously selected through a rigorous online screening process, showcased their charisma and style during the Dehradun auditions. The candidates faced scrutiny based on criteria including poise, confidence, and runway presence, setting the stage for an intense competition.

“The energy and talent displayed by the participants were truly commendable. We looked for a unique blend of confidence, style, and personality,” shared the judges.

Samrat Kumar, Founder of The Kabir Company, shared insights into the upcoming schedule, revealing that the show’s filming is set for the mid-week of December. The show will be telecasted in January, exclusively on MTV.

Adding to the excitement, Center Director and Head of Business Development at Unison Centrio Mall, Noel Vessaoker, expressed, “We’re thrilled to be a part of this platform that celebrates diversity and individuality. Centrio Mall has always been a space that fosters creativity and talent.”

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