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Microsoft silently incorporates these features into Windows Notepad after 41 years

Microsoft silently incorporates these features into Windows Notepad after 41 years

Microsoft Windows 11 Update: Microsoft examined an upgraded Notepad application with combined spellchecking back in March this year. However, now, the tech giant has silently implemented this improved type of Notepad plain text editor to conventional Windows 11. Windows Notepad was launched in 1983 for the first time and has stayed like a frozen app in time for many years with hardly any visible differences or updates in generations of the OS, however, there has been some substantial progress made lately. Possibly some of the major variations to Windows Notepad in years have been provided under the support of Windows 10 and 11. Windows 10 came up with a couple of long-required upgrades to the modest Notepad plain text editor application in July 2018. Windows Notepad got updates such as text zooming, wrap-around find/replace, line numbers with word-wrap enabled along with some performance enhancement with large files after many years of disregard. 

Windows 11 was unveiled in late 2021 along with a few obvious Notepad boosts. Features such as auto-save / session restore, a new tabbed interface for handling multiple files, and dark mode compliance were among the finest new upgrades. Now we have a cohesive spellchecking feature has been launched, which will allow users to correct their text spellings. The feature will highlight questionable or misspelled vocab or text with red wiggle lines if users update their Notepad plain text editor app or if the feature is auto-updated and activated by default. 

Users can toggle and modify both spell check and autocorrect features in the spelling correction menu. Some users will also have the granular toggle feature where they can switch off spell checking for files utilizing common resource file extensions. Although new upgrades to Windows Notepad have been a pleasant surprise for users, feature creep might not be quite impressive. There is certainly more risk of this phenomenon now, as WordPad is no more evident in new Windows 11 as it has been discontinued after 28 years of its service as a ‘lite’ word processor. Microsoft also recommended its users to use either Notepad or Word for their text processing requirement. The spellchecking feature is classified as a premium tool, hence introducing this feature to Notepad is definitely a pleasant surprise for users.

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