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Know about 9 ordinary women who are doing extraordinary work

Know about 9 ordinary women who are doing extraordinary work
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Every human is interested in becoming ordinary to extraordinary. The only formula to become ordinary to extraordinary is hard work. A person who loses from obstacles and sits down remains ordinary. But the person who constantly crosses obstacles by facing threats, becomes extraordinary. Today we are going to discuss about some ordinary women who have done something extraordinary through their efforts.

# 1. Preeti Patkar

Our first name in the list of simple to extraordinary is that of Priti Patkar, born in Mumbai in 1964, also known as Priti Tai. Preeti Tai is an ordinary housewife who started an organization in the Red Light area of ​​Mumbai. He has started a child care center for the children of working women here. He founded the Prerna Sanstha, which works for the protection of children who are victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

#2. Pratima Devi

Devi, who has lived in Delhi for the last 30 years, works as a garbage collector. He has about 400 friends, in whose care he spends all his money and time. His friends are dogs around his house. In Delhi, she is known as the ‘Dog Lady of Delhi’.

#3. Richa Singh

According to Richa Singh, challenging tasks and difficult problems attract them. She likes to solve such problems and find a simple solution to them. Richa, an alumnus of IIT, realizing the suffering of 36 percent of the country’s population fighting depression, founded your friend.com, which provides a simple solution to the problems faced by people with depression.

#4. Riya Sharma

Impressed by the Pakistani documentary titled ‘Saving Face’, Riya started ‘I Love Love Scars’. In this, the acid victims who were living life with respect today could load their story. Soon this attempt became a series of successes. Today she is collecting money to start a new life of these people.

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#5. Shaila Ghosh

Shaila Ghosh, 85, took care of her family after the death of her only son. Instead of begging for the upbringing of the family, he started selling fried potatoes two hours away from her home. They believe that they are healthy to do this work.

#6. Premlata Aggarwal

Along with being the mother of two daughters, Premlata Agarwal is the oldest woman to climb Mount Everest. He started going to the gym to climb and with his determination, he managed to climb Everest.

#7. Zamida Teacher

Jamida from Kerala Malappuram led Jumme’s namaz for the first time in history in January of 2018 and became the first woman Imam to perform Jumay’s namaz.

#8. Srishti Bakshi

He left Hong Kong’s job to bring change in society and came to India. From Kanya Kumari to Kashmir, the message of women’s safety and gender equality was conveyed to the citizens.

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#9. Tanya Sanyal

Tanya Sanyal of Calcutta has been appointed as the first female fire fighter by the Airport Authority in 2018. There are 3310 fire service personnel, one of whom is Tanya Sanyal, to land the planes.

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