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Kapil Sibal questions Congress leader

Kapil Sibal questions Congress leader

Will Jitin get ‘prasada’ from BJP? Kapil Sibal questions Congress leader’s switch  Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has said that there must be some reason behind Jitin Prasada’s decision to quit the party and join the ranks with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


“I am not against what Jitin Prasada did as there must be some reason which hasn’t been disclosed, but joining BJP is something I cannot understand,” Sibal, one of the G-23 (group of dissident) members, said. “It shows we are moving from ‘Aaya Ram Gaya Ram’ to ‘Prasada’ politics, jahan prasad mile, you join that party,” he added.


Sibal and others had written to Sonia Gandhi earlier calling for sweeping reforms in the party after 2019 general elections debacle. When asked about whether he could join the BJP, Sibal replied: “I will never in my life… I have opposed (BJP) since my birth as a politician.”


He once again said the Congress desperately needs reforms, adding that “we will continue to raise issues”. Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Jitin Prasada on Wednesday joined the BJP, senior party leader and former Union minister Kapil Sibal has called for reforms in the grand old party.

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