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‘Just Spicy’: Japanese Envoy Enjoys ‘Aloo Tikki’ At Iconic Sarojini Nagar Market In Delhi. WATC

‘Just Spicy’: Japanese Envoy Enjoys ‘Aloo Tikki’ At Iconic Sarojini Nagar Market In Delhi. WATC

Hiroshi Suzuki, the Japanese ambassador to India is popular on social media among desi users for his love for Indian food. He is often spotted trying Indian dishes at popular joints across the country. In one such video going viral on the internet, 61-year-old Suzuki is seen in Delhi’s iconic Sarojini Nagar market with his wife, enjoying Indian street food. Hindi-speaking Japanese YouTuber Mayo San also accompanied the couple to relish some of the street foods.

“Wonderful, desi experience with Hindi-speaking Japanese youtuber Mayo san!! Aloo tikki dijiye,” read the caption of the video shared by Suzuki on microblogging platform X, formerly Twitter.

In the clip, Suzuki and his wife can be seen walking in the Sarojini Nagar market like a commoner. Soon they head to a fast food stall and ask the shopkeeper to make a few plates of aloo tikki, that they relish. They can also be heard conversing with them in Hindi. Then they proceed to have a look around the market.

Since being shared, the video has amassed close to 31,000 views and tons of likes.

“I Hope You Enjoyed Sir…. India & Japan Are All Weather Friends….,” commented one user on the post.

“Was it too spicy for your palate??? It’s wonderful to see our friends enjoy our food! Try the masala dosa when you are in Bangalore next,” wrote another user.

While a fourth wrote, “We love the way Japanese people love and respect Indian people! Every Indian has great love and respect for Japan and their people! Long live our friendship!.”


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