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Insightful Session Explores Synergy Between Design and Art

Insightful Session Explores Synergy Between Design and Art

Dehradun, 20th November 2023:
 Renowned Indian Social Worker Anurag Chauhan, Architect Sagar Nagpal, and Ira Chauhan engaged in a thought-provoking talk session today, delving into the collaboration between Design and Art. 

Talking about various aspects of art and design, Anurag said, “In my view, art is anything capable of evoking emotion. The intricacies of these emotions are contingent upon one’s personal history, narrative, and the amalgamation of experiences that constitute individual identity.”

Architect Sagar Nagpal shared his design philosophy, stating, “Since the day I entered the profession of design, I’ve aimed to create spacious environments. My design philosophy revolves around clarity and simplicity; I shy away from clutter. Clean spaces inspire innovative design ideas and, ultimately, a sense of peace.”

Expanding on the relationship with Anurag, Sagar emphasized, “Anurag has consistently appreciated our designs, and our design sensibilities align seamlessly. Beauty and function cannot go together. I feel that many a times functional spaces can also be aesthetically pleasing. Balancing beauty and function maximizes their impact on people.”

In response, Anurag Chauhan expressed his admiration for Sagar’s work, stating, “I hesitate to call Sagar just an architect; I prefer to label him a stylist. I’m captivated by how he styles people’s homes, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond mere architecture.”

The engaging session was organized to mark the inauguration of Sagar Design Studios on Rajpur Road, Dehradun. The event drew a distinguished audience, including Ankit, Himanshu, Ashmita, Shivam, and prominent figures from across the city.

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