October 17, 2021

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How To Reach Samadhi

How To Reach Samadhi





If there were a simple answer to this, everyone would be walking around as enlightened beings.
But the truth is, attaining Samadhi—or at least getting closer to it—will look different for everyone.
With the eight limbs in mind, all of those associated practices and disciplines can help you train your body, mind, and spirit, to be in a state of calm oneness, but it takes dedication.
Many believe Samadhi can only be attained through the mental discipline of yoga, Sundaram notes (as in, the eight limbs, not just the physical poses or asanas), but that’s not to say it isn’t accessible to anyone.
In theory, the potential is within all of us, and the eight limbs are the most straightforward “steps” to reaching it.
Sundaram notes mantras like “Om” are very helpful as well, because they train the mind to be focusing on just one thing. “You get to the point where you can control what kind of intake of sensory information you’re taking in,” she adds.
In the stages of enlightenment, which we’ll outline next, we understand that the basis of enlightenment is the ability to detach from the ego and otherworldly attachments, to the point where there is only consciousness, and a feeling of “being one with permanence,” Sundaram says.
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