August 04, 2021

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From Rs 2 to 500 Cr : Success story of Kalpana Saroj

From Rs 2 to 500 Cr : Success story of Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj

Caste and religion have had a huge impact on our society over the years.

Due to this discrimination, people born in Dalit society had to face injustice and hardships for years.

It is evident that a girl born in a small village in Maharashtra, in such circumstances, had to deal with innumerable difficulties right from her birth.

Only because of being born in a Dalit society, she had to face many problems at every turn of her life.

At the age of 12, she got married to a boy 10 years older than her.

Due to her in-laws being in a big city like Mumbai, she left her small village and came to Mumbai.

Her in-laws were in a slum in Mumbai.

But she was not destined to have such a beautiful and happy married life as she had thought.

In her in-laws’ house, she had the responsibility of doing all the household chores.

A girl whose journey started with so many problems.

Today she counted among the most successful women of our country.

The name of that girl is – Kalpana Saroj!

When her father came to meet Kalpana, who was fighting her tyranny in her in-laws’ house, he could not recognize his daughter.

Seeing her condition, he decided to take his daughter back to the village.

Despite the Opposition of the in-laws, he brought little Kalpana with him to the village.

Society blamed Kalpana for their broken world.

Unable to tolerate all these things, Kalpana finally tried to commit suicide by consuming poison, but she was saved by luck.

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After this incident, a lot of change came in her and she decided to show her future life by doing something for herself.

She tried to find jobs in different places but due to lack of education, she got failure everywhere.

Then she decided to go to Mumbai and find work.

Saroj Returns to Mumbai

She came to Mumbai after persuading her mother.

With the recognition of her uncle, she got involved in the work of stonework.

But due to lack of confidence there too, she continued to work as a labour for a month.

After gaining some confidence, she started working as a worker in the same company.

When she became a worker after a helper’s job of Rs 60 a month, she saw a note of Rs 100 for the first time.

After that her younger siblings came to Mumbai.

Sister’s death, a turning point

After coming to Mumbai, one of her sisters died due to illness.

This had a profound effect on young Kalpana.

Due to lack of money, she could not get her sister to have a child, thinking that she started working more.

She also got the idea of starting her own business during this time.

From her home, she started searching about different schemes and started her business by taking loan.

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By starting the business of beauty parlor and furniture, Kalpana slowly started increasing her experience in the business.

Kalpana, who does small business, now got a chance to go into real estate when she got an offer to sell a plot of land.

By collecting money from different places, Kalpana raised lakhs of rupees and bought that plot.

Buying the plot

After buying the plot, she came to know about the troubles going on related to the same.

After 3-4 years of hard work and struggle, finally she got that plot free from government, then its price increased by more than 20 times.

On that plot, she built a building with her Sindhi partner and from that her journey in real estate started.

After suffering with so many difficulties, now people started knowing and believing Kalpana.

But the turning point was yet to come in her life – which was named Kamani Tubes!

Kamani Tubes Company was going through very bad conditions at that time.

Due to such troubles, she was going to close soon.

Seeing this, the employees working in Kamani Tubes offered to take over the company from Kalpana.

It was a very risky decision

Despite not having any experience of running an engineering company, she took this risk and today “Kamani Tubes” has become a very fast growing company of about 100 million dollars.

A girl who came from a small house without any education or degree, today in real estate and engineering she is achieving new heights in big business, it’s a matter of pride for all of us.

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Padma Shri Award

In 2013, she was awarded with Padma Shri award.

She was also awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Woman Entrepreneurs for her excellent work in the business field.

Kalpana, who took a loan from the bank to start her business, is herself a member of the Board of Directors of Bhartiya Mahila Bank.

You must have read many success stories on Gnani Pandit, but Kalpanas struggle proves to be different from her as an entrepreneur, not just a Dalit or just a woman.

Kalpana believes in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and she also wants to help people like her.

Kalpana has shown people through her work that no matter what background you have come from, if you are ready to work hard, then you can work in any field and become successful.

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