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‘Ek Punishment Dena Hai’: PM Modi Surprises 8 MPs With Impromptu Lunch At Parliament Canteen

‘Ek Punishment Dena Hai’: PM Modi Surprises 8 MPs With Impromptu Lunch At Parliament Canteen

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoyed a casual lunch with a group of Parliamentarians from different parties at the newly inaugurated Parliament House on Friday. The gathering, orchestrated by a call from the Prime Minister’s Office to eight MPs, initially sparked a curiosity among the attendees as to the purpose of the meeting.

Upon arrival at the Prime Minister’s Office, the Parliament Members were in for a surprise after being greeted with a remark from PM Modi himself, who said, “Chaliye, aapko ek punishment dena hai (Let me give you a punishment today.)” To their surprise, instead of a stern reprimand, the Prime Minister invited them to join him for lunch at the Parliament canteen.

The guests who shared this impromptu meal with PM Modi included L Murugan, Ritesh Pandey, Heena Gavit, Koniyak, N Premachandran, Sasmit Patra, Ram Mohan Naidu, and Jamyang Tsering Namgyal.

Despite the initial air of mystery surrounding the gathering, the discussions over lunch were characterised by a congenial atmosphere. The MPs engaged with PM Modi, who took the opportunity to share personal anecdotes and offer suggestions.

According to reports, the discourse avoided political matters entirely, focusing instead on personal experiences and insights.

During the candid exchange, the Prime Minister reminisced with the MPs about a remarkable incident involving his visit to former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s residence.

Recounting the event, PM Modi disclosed that he had initially scheduled his itinerary to conclude with a meeting in Afghanistan. However, seizing an opportune moment during his return flight, he decided to make an unexpected detour to Pakistan to attend the wedding festivities of Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter.

Though the other details of the conversation over the luncheon remained private, the event served as a testament to the value of cross-party engagement in fostering understanding and collaboration within the political sphere.

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