August 04, 2021

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eCommerce businesses: Digital Dukaandaar

eCommerce businesses: Digital Dukaandaar

Founded in 2018, Delhi Based education startup Digital Dukaandaar helps people build profitable eCommerce businesses from scratch. People have understood the importance of having high income skills lately. The pandemic has made us realise how important it is to not lay all your eggs in one basket and diversify to make more income.

An online business allows you the freedom of time, location and of course money and that’s exactly what Digital Dukaandaar helps people achieve.

“eCommerce has been the past, is the present and will be the future. People don’t realise that they can build an eCommerce business without having their own products or without having the need of manufacturing, shipping or even pre-buying any products.

The drop-shipping model allows you to outsource that part on an in-demand basis so that the business owner can peacefully focus on marketing and their customer’s happiness”  Nishkarsh Sharma, Co-founder, Digital Dukaandaar.

Founded by Nishkarsh Sharma, Srijan Bhardwaj and Sidhant Jhunjhunwala, Digital Dukaandaar helps people start their eCommerce stores.

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They do it by finding products that they can sell under their own brand names and reach potential customers through paid advertising. While the manufacturing, packaging and delivery is taken care of by fulfilment partners all around the world.

Digital Dukaandaar does this through various programs and mastermind events that they run. Their 5-day eCom Freedom Challenge helps people get started with their eCom businesses and their signature training program, The Digital Dukaandaar Program, helps people grow and scale their eCom businesses. In the last 2.5 years the brand has coached over 12,000 people through their 5-Day challenge, has got 2500+ 5 star reviews and currently serves 2000+ budding eCom entrepreneurs through their signature program.

The brand proudly shares hundreds of client success stories on their social media channels ranging from people making their first set of sales, crossing a $1000, $10,000, $100,000 to up to $400,000 in sales.

Led by Nishkarsh Sharma, Digital Dukaandaar usually serves people who’re looking to build eCommerce businesses or creating an additional source of income so that they can create the kind of lives they want to live.

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The self-funded Delhi-based Education startup has surpassed $400,000 annual revenue in 2020-2021.

The Team

All three co-founders are Engineering Graduates with an eCommerce experience of over 4 years, having sold over $4.5 Million worth of eCommerce products and spending over $1 Million in Paid Advertising.  Nishkarsh leads the customer success, training and coaching part for the company, Srijan leads the marketing, conversions and strategy part for the brand and Sidhant leads the sales and operations for the company.

At present, Digital Dukaandaar has a total of 11 employees in its team.

Plans for 2021

The brand plans to add up more signature programs to cater to the biggest problems faced by eCommerce entrepreneurs. Ranging from diversification of website traffic to consistently growing while building systems and processes.

The brand’s continuously working to reach more budding eCom entrepreneurs and helping them with their business

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