July 31, 2021

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Do you feel thirsty again and again? Need to be careful

Do you feel thirsty again and again? Need to  be careful

If you’re feeling over-thirsty then take care , it can harm your health. Because once you start drinking more water again and again, it are often a symbol of some serious disease. According to a medical research, a mean of two to three liters of beverage per day is sufficient for a healthy person. However, in certain circumstances this amount of water may decrease or increase.

According to Dr. Abrar Multani, the famous Ayurvedic expert of the country, in fact, when we are at work or at a higher place, when we are in heat, we feel the need for more water than usual. Although many times thirst, frequent drinking of water can also be a symptom of a disease. If this is often the case with you too, then know which diseases can cause these symptoms.

Symptoms of these diseases are:

More thirst means ‘polydipsia’

If you feel very thirsty, it is called ‘polydipsia’ in the medical term. In the condition of ‘polydipsia’, the person drinks excess water. Excess of drinking water may cause symptoms like lack of sodium in the body, nausea or vomiting. Apart from this, you may also have more problems than normal urination.

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Signs of dehydration

The condition of repeated thirst suggests dehydration. The lack of water in the body is called dehydration. It is caused by gastrointestinal disorder , heatwave, diarrhea, infection, fever or burning. In this, your mouth starts scratching and you also feel tired. This disease are often cured by giving the proper amount of water and necessary electrolytes.

Signs of diabetes

If you are feeling thirsty again and again, diabetes are often a symbol . When there is diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood increases, the excess sugar is released out of the body repeatedly with the kidneys according to its capacity, due to which there’s a scarcity of water within the body. And again and again there is a reason to feel thirsty.

How to overcome the problem of frequent thirst

According to the country’s famous Ayurvedic specialist Dr. Abrar Multani, you can overcome this problem by trying many remedies. For this you should try to balance your thirst. Drinking an excessive amount of water at a time should be avoided. In home remedies, you’ll eat a mix of amla powder and honey otherwise you can grind soaked fennel. This may reduce the thirst. If there is more problem, then please contact the doctor in time.

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