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‘Congress Turned Rajasthan Into ATM Where…’: Amit Shah Slams Gehlot Govt Ahead Of Polls

‘Congress Turned Rajasthan Into ATM Where…’: Amit Shah Slams Gehlot Govt Ahead Of Polls

Union Home Minister Amit Shah slammed the Congress on Friday, saying it saw Rajasthan as a “ATM” where its politicians from Delhi could withdraw money, news agency PTI reported. He told a public meeting in Ajmer’s Vijay Nagar that the Congress has gone beyond all bounds of appeasement tactics in order to retain its vote bank. According to him, the state ranks first in terms of corruption, appeasement, rape and other crimes against women, cyber crime, and the inflation index.

Slamming the Congress government, Shah stated: “The Gehlot government ran an ATM to swipe card and withdraw money. The Congress party turned Rajasthan into an ATM where its leaders from Delhi swiped the card to withdraw money. Such a government should be ousted.” 

“The Gehlot government has crossed all limits in Rajasthan for vote bank politics. Kanhaiya Lal was murdered in broad daylight in Udaipur, but not a single word came out of their mouth. They have made Rajasthan a state of riots,” he further stated. 

Mocking Rahul Gandhi’s political career, Shah said: “On one side, there is PM Modi’s govt, which has made the country safe & on the other side, there is Congress party which is making efforts to make Rahul Gandhi the PM. Sonia ji launched Rahul Baba 20 times, but this rocket is not being launched.”

The state goes to the polls on November 25, and the results are expected on December 3.

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