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Collaboration with Sony, Dolby will continue for upcoming products: Arijeet Talapatra CEO, Transsion India

Collaboration with Sony, Dolby will continue for upcoming products: Arijeet Talapatra CEO, Transsion India

Tecno recently launched the Camon 30 Series for which it partnered with brands like Sony and Dolby. Speaking to Zee Business, Arijeet Talapatra CEO, of Transsion India, said that the company will continue to collaborate with such brands for upcoming devices to enhance users’ experience. 

Here are the edited excerpts from the interview:

Q: How does Tecno plan to stay at the forefront of the smartphone industry amidst rapid technological changes and evolving consumer preferences?

Arijeet Talapatra: Understanding and anticipating users’ needs is critical in such a dynamically evolving space. But that’s what also makes it exciting! We are strong on our brand’s ‘Make in India, Make for India’ ethos. Infusing local insights into global innovation, and keeping Indian consumers at the focus, is the only way forward. 

But we also want to evolve at the same pace as our consumers. We continue to work our way forward on a more lifestyle-centric approach and being synonymous with stylish yet accessible innovation. We look forward to experimenting and delivering our tech prowess and innovation in all forms and form factors. 

Q: What can we expect from Tecno in terms of future innovations and technological advancements?

Arijeet Talapatra: After delivering a well-rounded experience to users with our POP and SPARK series and a pro-performance stand-out aesthetic with POVA 6 for our more Gen Z tech-forward audience, we will be taking ahead the innovation, stylish design, and overall user experience with our CAMON 30 and PHANTOM series.  Furthermore, we have formed exciting partnerships with Sony, Dolby, and more, for further enhancing the experience for users. We will see such collaborations coming to fruition in the upcoming launches. 

Delivering a more premium experience, a stylish design that appeals to our young consumers, while continuously innovating remains at the core for us. For better connecting with our dynamic users we are focusing on a more lifestyle-centric approach, we also have Deepika Padukone on board as our brand ambassador. Thus, we are looking forward to an eventful year ahead with many exciting launches.  

Q: Tecno is known to price devices aggressively. Is this a good strategy? Don’t you think buyers have to compromise on certain specs in such situations?

Arijeet Talapatra: We aim to deliver value for money to our consumers. It has never been about compromising on any aspect or user experience. Contrary to this notion, our product strategy has always centred around bringing industry-first/segment-first features to our users. What gives us the pricing advantage is our scale, strong R&D capabilities, and understanding of local insights. 

We strive to deliver a premium user experience even in aggressively priced devices, and this is followed consistently throughout all our series, from SPARK to PHANTOM. 

Q: How does Tecno ensure that its local manufacturing processes contribute to the growth of the economy? Could you share some insights into these initiatives? 

Arijeet Talapatra: ‘Make in India, Make for India’ has been a consistent pillar for Tecno India. We take pride in sharing that all of our phones sold in India are made in India, from our entry-level all-rounder smartphones to our more premium form factors. 

Spread over 415000 sq ft., our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility helps us provide employment to over 4300 workers. We place great importance on local manufacturing, R&D, and talent acquisition for delivering best-in-class indigenous solutions such as the first Made-in-India foldable smartphone.

Q: How does Deepika Padukone’s association contribute to Tecno’s brand positioning?

Arijeet Talapatra: The idea of partnering with Deepika Padukone is to make a super-strong connection with our young and upbeat audience. Deepika has taken centre stage, representing Tecno’s vision of making innovative and stylish tech accessible to everyone. As we take a more lifestyle-tech-forward approach, Deepika’s mix of talent, charisma & iconicity blends well with the stylish innovations we aim to bring closer to our users. The association is being extended across all our brand and product launches throughout the year, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence and we remain positive about the impact.

Q: How does the partnership with Dolby and Sony enhance the overall user experience of Tecno smartphones?

Arijeet Talapatra: Tecno has always worked towards bringing the best for its consumers and to continue the legacy we have partnered with industry pioneers in technology – Sony and Dolby to enhance the experience for our users. Powered by SONY IMX 890, the CAMON 30 series is all set to present evolved camera technology to transform users’ everyday moments delivering a professional photography experience. 

The collaboration with Dolby Atmos is equally exciting. We know how much our users value entertainment and to cater to their needs with an exceptional immersive sound experience. 

This exciting partnership will allow our users to discover a new level of audiovisual immersion and enjoyment with their Tecno smartphone.

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