October 26, 2021

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Bigg Boss 15 Day 15 written update: Karan Kundrra feels betrayed by Vishal Kotian

Bigg Boss 15 Day 15 written update: Karan Kundrra feels betrayed by Vishal Kotian

NEW DELHI: The Wednesday episode of Bigg Boss 15 saw Vishal Kotian playing a smart game by convincing ‘Sanchalak’ Shamita Shetty to help him win the task and thus get him entry inside the house. However, Karan Kundrra sense a foul play and questions Shamita if she and Vishal have formed any alliance. He also asks her if she would be fair in her judgement. 

When Shamita discusses this with Vishal, he tells Karan that he shares a good rapport with Shamita and has been fair in the game. He adds that everything has been on mic and he can check it out later.

In the second round, Shamita announces that no team has won. Pratik and Nishant argue with Shamita for her decision. Vishal supports Shamita. 

Ieshaan is seen crying before Simmba and says he is feeling stressed out. Simmba consoles him and says he shouldn’t worry about such stupid tasks and hugs him out. He advises Ieshaan to play smartly and individually as he came in the show on his own.

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Karan, who has been left broding with Shamita and Vishal’s plan, is seen telling Pratik that he played with utmost loyality with them, however, he has been betrayed. He adds that he had expected this out of Vishal. He tells Nishant that he trusts him and Pratik in the game but adds that he doubts if Pratik took feels the same. 

Shamita discusses with Nishant and Pratik that she doesn’t want Karan to enter the main house. She adds that if in future, Karan enters the house then Vishal would be there for her as a support. 

Miesha has an argument with Donal and accuses her of scratching her face and pulling her hair during the ‘Zehar Ka Kehar’ task. However, Donal says she too received bruises in the task. Vishal, Ieshaan, Vidhi, Shamita and Simba discuss if Donal has been getting violent in the task as she scratch Umar Riaz’s face too. Donal later cries in the bathroom area. When she discusses the issue with Karan Kundrra, he too accuses her of attacking his and injuring his neck during the task. 

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Karan and Afsana complaint about their machine not working properly. However, Shamita, who has been adamant on helping out Vishal’s team, tells Karan that he cannot pick a new machine as the task is in continuation. 

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