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Adobe Acrobat now allows editing PDFs with Firefly AI: Check features, availability

Adobe Acrobat now allows editing PDFs with Firefly AI: Check features, availability

So far it was not possible to edit any PDF documents. Generating or editing images in PDF was impossible. Now, with Adobe partnering with the Firefly-powered Generative AI, users will be able to generate and edit images in PDF and access a host of other such features.

With an aim to enhance creativity and productivity while using digital documents, Adobe, the US-based computer software company, will now be using AI tools to allow its users to access PDFs in a new way in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The generative AI-powered features will now enable users to edit images in Acrobat with the help of tools like generative fill, remove background, erase and crop to add, remove and revitalise content from images in the document. Adobe Acrobat users will also be able to generate and add images created by the company’s in-house developed Firefly Image 3 Model. Thus, new images can be created through simple text prompts without leaving Acrobat.

The company has said that it has also added new features to the Acrobat AI Assistant, a conversational engine, that would allow users to ask questions, get insights, create content and get meeting transcripts. The functionality is not just restricted to PDF files but will also extend to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, text files and other formats.

The ‘Insights Across Documents’ feature allows users to synthesise and format information from multiple documents into summarized or cohesive content so as to create intelligent citations which can verify the source of the answers and help navigate to a specific location at speed. Adobe has also announced that it would add Content Credentials to AI-generated or edited content to make it easily identifiable.

The company has said that the Acrobat AI Assistant features will be available for free use until June 28 after which users will have to purchase the AI Assistant add-on subscription. The subscription starts at $4.99 (approximately Rs 420). In addition, starting June 18, all Acrobat Standard and Pro customers will get 250 generative credits per month at no additional cost to edit and generate images.

The Acrobat AI Assistant subscription plans are available on desktop, web and mobile in English language with other languages also expected to come soon.

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