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AADI Gaurav Mahotsav Showcases Tribal Cultural Splendor

AADI Gaurav Mahotsav Showcases Tribal Cultural Splendor

Dehradun, 16th November 2023:
 The second day of the ‘AADI Gaurav Mahotsav 2023’ unfolded with an array of captivating tribal cultural performances, bringing to life the rich heritage of Uttarakhand’s tribal communities. Subodh Uniyal, the Agriculture Minister of Uttarakhand, graced the event as the chief guest.

Organized by the Tribal Research Institute (TRI) Uttarakhand, the exhibition, which opens daily from 1 PM to 10 PM, showcased a vibrant display of tribal culture and handicrafts.

A diverse crowd immersed themselves in the cultural tapestry on display, exploring stalls featuring a vast range of products including clothing, wooden artifacts, home decor, pahadi millets, and a dedicated food area comprising pahadi delicacies. Various tribal groups from the state, including Jaunsari, Bhotia, Buxa, Tharu, and Raji, presented captivating performances throughout the evening.

Addressing the audience, Minister Subodh Uniyal stated, “The three-day-long exhibition, AADI Gaurav Mahotsav 2023, is a tribute to our tribal heritage. It is a commendable initiative by TRI Uttarakhand to commemorate the legacy of Birsa Munda through this cultural extravaganza.”

 AADI Gaurav Mahotsav Showcases Tribal Cultural Splendor

The evening’s highlight was a mesmerizing performance by renowned folk singer Maya Upadhyay, adding a musical touch to the cultural grandeur.

S S Tolia, the Director of TRI Uttarakhand, remarked, “AADI Gaurav Mahotsav is a platform that celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of our tribal culture. It’s heartening to witness the enthusiasm and participation of the tribal communities and the visitors.”

“I am delighted to witness the AADI Gaurav Mahotsav unfold with such cultural vibrancy and enthusiasm. This celebration not only honors our tribal heritage but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among the diverse communities. It’s a testament to the richness of our cultural tapestry,” said Rajeev Kumar Solanki, Coordinator of TRI Uttarakhand.

The esteemed gathering included Additional Director Yogendra Rawat, and Uttarakhand’s Secretary of Social Welfare B K Sant, among other dignitaries.

On the final day of the exhibition on 17th November, attendees can enjoy performances by renowned folk singers, including ‘Garh Ratan’ Narendra Singh Negi and Jaunsari singer Reshma Shah, promising a spectacular conclusion to AADI Gaurav Mahotsav 2023.

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