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A TRIP TO NIRVANA : Where Peace Meets Soul

A TRIP TO NIRVANA : Where Peace Meets Soul
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Have you ever traveled to a place where you feel this is where you always belonged? Well that’s what i felt when i was on a trip to Kanatal a mesmerizing hill station located at a height of 8500 ft above sea level. The surrounding and atmosphere would just brush your soul with relaxing aura.

I started my journey with my brother from Dehradun on Royal en field (so cliche but whatever). The journey itself was amazing and full of relaxing moments, for the first time in my life I was not tired of travelling as there are many beautiful landscapes all around. We reached there as a victim of hot and polluted climate of city but soon everything was so calm and clean. It felt perfect to spend a weekend among lap of mighty Himalaya. The peaks seemed horizons kissing the skies. We reached at late evening, the wind was cold and fresh.

Our stay was with our camping partner in Kanatal. The camps were so affordable and cozy and food (watery mouth) was like and explosion of different flavors on taste buds. The owner is quite friendly (often case is opposite), he welcomed us like his own guest.  Staff was very helpful and understanding. By the time we settled down it was early night and the stars in the sky seemed so clear as if a portrait of all perfect things was drawn by a great artist. We relaxed for a while in our camps under hot blankets (yes it was that cold), after a while a bonfire was lit to provide warmth and soft music was playing in the background.

It was like an eye opener what the hell are we doing with our life we should start living rather than pushing ourselves around working hard for nothing. The bonfire, music, gazing at eternal sky was a reminder that nature is all that can show you the true reflection of truth. Strange people from all around the world gathering around having fun. Singing , dancing , games and so much more made the day more worth like. Isn’t it astonishing everyone meeting the other for first time but like they had a connection from before (not a movie line ok!).

A lot of fun and entertainment later food was served (buffet), and man was it delicious, warm food ,good people, isn’t that what we search for our whole life, struggle everyday? After a stomach full feast it was time for bed. It might be around 11 we entered our camp to our cozy warm bed, honestly i don’t remember when i fell asleep while talking to my brother.

Next day we woke up and unzipped the camp entrance and i was in Awe, the shinning sun, the white snowy mountains glancing far away, chirping of birds a melodious sound for ears, the aromatic essence of apple trees, cold wind just brushing your skin softly (mother nature ha!) it was all dreamy.
We freshened up and left our camp for morning tea. That warm sip,the cup in your hand, the natural screen in front of you (ah! that feeling). I wished why can’t life be always this beautiful.

Soon breakfast was ready we ate our tummy full. Now it was time for some adventure (include d in package). The adventure site was not far away, first we did zip line (James Bond haha!) those few seconds when you are in the air the adrenaline rush in your blood, butterflies start flying in your stomach (giggle), and some more activities was a feeling that no matter how old we get a child will always stay inside us. After a lot adrenaline boost we headed back to camp site where lunch was waiting for us. After that we rested for a while and now it was time to leave ( obviously i didn’t wanted to go).

As i looked back I thought what a great getaway it was for us though just for 24 hours we lived to the fullest. As the view was slowly fading away a feel of anxiety filled my mind (ugh that regular routine again).

To all of you who are reading my blog and those who are not i just want to say one thing get your eyes off the screen of your computers and mobile phones and start exploring the world if you really want to avail best off your life. Those silicon devices operated from silicon valley won’t reflect the true meaning of life as the natural green valley would. GO TRAVEL GO LIVE!!!!

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Post source : Nikhilesh Vijay Nawani

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